Let’s focus on Quebec families!

We’re calling on Quebec society to embrace a new vision where all families can enjoy a more balanced, happier lifestyle and where special needs for families are respected.

Our world is changing, and we must dare to dream of a truly Family-Focused Quebec -  a Quebec that understands the importance of healthy families for society as a whole, that acknowledges the need to share the financial burden of raising children and caring for ageing parents, that gives families the time and resources they need to be caring, nurturing, and supportive of younger and older generations.

This dream of a Family-Focused Quebec is rooted in the belief that providing more financial support for family life as well as giving equal access to services adapted to family needs through all stages of life is the best way for all children in to achieve their potential and for all seniors to have the support and care they deserve.

This year during Quebec Family Week (May 13–19, 2019), take a moment to reflect on the importance of families, especially your own. Then join us in supporting our vision of a Family-Focused Quebec by adding your voice to the hundreds of organizations represented by the Réseau pour un Québec Famille.

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In 1993, in the lead-up to the International Year of the Family in 1994, the UN General Assembly passed resolution 47/237 stating that May 15 of every year was to be observed as the International Day of Families in order to increase awareness of family issues and improve the capacity of member nations to tackle family-related problems with comprehensive policies.

Every year, Quebec Family Week is planned to coincide with the International Day of Families.

UPCOMING DATES :  May 11 to 17, 2020

Did you know that…?*

- 95% of parents of children 0 to 5 say “they sincerely believe they have the skills needed to be good parents”
- 85% of parents feel they are the most qualified people to determine what their children need
- 93% are comfortable in their role as parents

But :
- 58% of parents of children 0 to 5 feel like they just running all day
- 35% say they are physically exhausted by suppertime
- 76% of parents work and in 59% of households with children, both parents work
- 48% of children live in a household where at least one parent has a non-regular work schedule
- 22% of parents who are not self-employed do not have access to work-life balance programming

Let’s use Quebec Family Week to understand better the issues that affect the quality of family life in our society.

Together, we can enrich everyone’s family experience.

* Figures from a study conducted by The Institut de la statistique du Québec entitled “Mieux connaître la parentalité” (2013)